Chapter 534

Morning Star Area

“Alright, we can make the trade in the Morning Star trading area!” Leylin said after a moment and nodded. He then ended the call.

The point of the transaction was a small plane that was accessed and linked through the astral gate. It was the channel to which Cybel gave Leylin access for trading amongst Morning Star Warlocks.

That was a large camp and trading area built together by a few Radiant Moon Warlocks, and Leylin was delighted.

Though his Magus Tower and astral gate were still under construction, he could still travel through another astral gate.

While pondering over this, Leylin entered a large honeycomb-like structure in the technological section.

Here was an astral gate that could be used.

“Your Grace!” Schadt brought a group of Warlocks in white coats that looked very much like researchers from his previous world, and bowed to Leylin.

“En! I want to use the astral gate here. The rest of you can leave first.” Leylin waved his arms, sending Schadt and the rest away.

With his current status, Schadt did not dare...

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