Chapter 533

The Continuation

“Success!” Not far away, the golden lion phantom was trapped in a crimson spell formation. Seeing it growl continuously, Leylin clenched his fist resolutely.

Since he had the guts to take Siebel’s place, he naturally also had a way out.

Many important locations were marked out on the notebook he had seized. The energy hub was one of the most important places. Leylin was confident that once this area was attacked, the hidden defense program would immediately be activated.

After all, he had intentionally avoided many spell formations along the way, and used Morning Star Arcane Arts with restraint. Thus, he appeared relatively harmless. Needless to say, the program would deal with the more terrifying rank 5 Warlock first.

A Radiant Moon Warlock was not to be trifled with. Even in the ancient times, such a Warlock was a strong contender that conquered.

The collisions between these two would instantly devastate their surroundings, causing an already chaotic region to become even more disordered.

Even if there were any problems or clues left behind, they would have been quickly wiped...

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