Chapter 532


Previously, hidden in the control room, the scenes of Siebel’s death were displayed on the crystal screen for a pair of crimson eyes.

When the point mass was caught by the person behind this whole situation, the power bar increased by one unit on the side of the screen.

“...” The crimson light in that pair of eyes flickered intensely, but it soon subsided.

The chamber turned deathly silent again. A dark figure stayed at its spot, unmoving, unbreathing.

Meanwhile, news of Siebel’s death swept through the entire ruins like a hurricane.

“What’s this feeling?” Leylin’s face changed the moment the astral plane opened automatically upon Siebel’s death. He felt the fluctuation in the atmosphere of the astral plane and the point mass.

It was the same feeling he’d gotten when he’d killed Cyril, something he’d never forget.

“The death of a Morning Star Magus? The point mass returning to the astral plane?” Leylin mumbled in disbelief.

He took a long breath afterwards, “Sure enough,...

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