Chapter 530

Sweeping of Obstacles

“Found you, you little rat!” The Magus was able to make out Leylin’s words from his mouth’s movements, immediately causing his eyes to turn red.

“Void Assassins, don’t hold back. Kill him!” As if having lost his self-control, the Magus held onto the command stick and roared.

*Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!* At least eight Void Assassins appeared instantly, charging straight for Leylin. In front of him, the large flame giant was also snarling as it brandished a large flaming metal whip.

The sealing formation, the flames, and the surprise attacks from multiple Void Assassins would be extremely troublesome for normal Morning Stars to deal with.

Even Demon Hunter Cyril would probably be seriously injured under such an attack!

[Beep! Found spiritual force link. Eliminating three areas with fake signals, determining coordinates!]

The A.I. Chip’s robotic voice sounded by Leylin’s ears, causing a smile to rise up on his face. Ever since he realised that there was probably someone behind the scene, Leylin had commanded the A.I. Chip try and identify the...

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