Chapter 529

Obstruction And A Grin

“No! No matter what, I have to get it back!” The old man took out his light yellow notebook. A map with many black dots appeared on it immediately.

“Find him! Rip him apart! And bring everything back!” Following the old man’s growl, streaks of crystal-clear light flashed in the secret chamber and a few translucent puppets suddenly widened their bloodshot eyes.

As if they understood the old man’s words, they rapidly shuttled through the void, gradually vanishing.


“This feeling, something bad’s about to happen!” Leylin’s eyebrows furrowed. He’d actually been feeling a sense of discomfort ever since he exited the Path of Quandary. It was as if someone was secretly spying on him. However, the scanning of the A.I. Chip and his own soul force could not discover anything.

And now, this feeling of discomfort suddenly intensified, even to the point of turning to anxiety!

“The malice that’s pervaded the atmosphere...” Leylin shut his eyes and quickly opened them again. At this moment, his pupils had already turned...

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