Chapter 527

Path Of Quandary

“How could it be? Someone has already entered the Path of Quandary. That’s extremely close to the core!” The old Magus wearing simple attire observed the light yellow notebook in his hands, letting out a low growl. His expression was that of anxiety.

On one of the pages of the light yellow notebook, a general map had been drawn out with weak black lines. There was a little black dot moving slowly in one of the central passageways that was labeled the Path of Quandary.

There were also other dots on this map, but they were all situated at the exterior regions.

The old man himself was marked with a white dot. Though he was much faster than the Morning Stars outside who were being hindered by the labyrinth, he was still at the middle section and a distance away from the core.

In contrast, Leylin’s black dot was only a few steps away from the core which was marked in red!

“Damn it, damn it, damn it! Why is there a Magus that’s so...

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