Chapter 526


“Now, the ruins seem to be nearby, but in fact…” Seeing the indistinct space in front of him, Leylin shook his head. He’d just found the entrance. It wouldn’t be easy for him to achieve his goals and enter the place without using the right way.

The others that had come afterwards were in the same situation.

After all, it wasn’t likely that they’d find the successors of Scarlet Crescent, so Leylin and the other Magi didn’t bother to deduce the proper way to go in.

With them being Morning Stars, as long as they found the entrance it would only be a matter of time before they broke in.

However, the rules of space were powerful and mysterious. Leylin could only manage to survive in here for now, and he needed to deduce a plan to break through this spatial defence. The other Morning Stars who came after him were also stuck...

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