Chapter 525

Scarlet Ruins

The marine tribe were not humans. Born of the ocean as they were, their bodies were like a manifestation of the laws of nature.

Those of the marine tribe seen on the continent were similar to humans, and had at most a few scales on their bodies. However, that was only the form they used specifically to communicate with humans. This monster that had appeared in front of Leylin was over a thousand meters tall, and it was the true form of the marine tribe.

After he revealed his true form, the undulations from Siebel’s body surged wildly, inspiring much greater terror than before.

Leylin, however, revealed a grin of excitement. ‘A.I. Chip, begin calculating the trajectory of the homing light rays!’

Endless blue light glowed in Leylin’s eyes, and most of the A.I. Chip’s power was allocated to this task.

[Setting up model of opponent. Calculating trajectory.]

Siebel in his true form growled wildly, and soul force at the Morning Star realm mixed with enormous amounts of seawater, compressing it into just a centimetre...

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