Chapter 524

Marine Tribe’s Original Form

Leylin chose to battle here right away. He was confident in his energy control, and on top of that, he didn’t want to move too far away. It would be too tragic if he failed to be the first one to detect the reappearance of the remains.

He was also prepared to try out an interesting idea.

For Marine Giant Siebel, Leylin’s attitude was nothing but a provocation. He shot Leylin a piercing gaze, and soon released the massive power of his domain.

The power of one’s domain would only be perfected at the Morning Star realm. The effects of amplification and suppression would intensify, and the range of effect would also be extended. Morning Star domains were a far cry from rank 3 forcefields.

Turbulent, vast and immeasurable!

White ocean waves and the crystal clear sea surface formed a horrifying scene.

The depths of the ocean were darkened by the frantic waves, giving one an ominous...

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