Chapter 523

Plan and Operation

Cybel glanced at Leylin.

“I can take on three. It won’t be a problem to take care of the remaining one, right? After all, you managed to kill Demon Hunter Cyril. I look forward to witnessing you opening the battle with your great skills, hopefully ending quickly and assisting others!”

“No problem!” Leylin stroked his nose.

Cybel seemed to be at the peak of the Morning Star realm and could even take on three Morning Star Magi at the same time. No wonder the other Warlocks respected him so.

After the deployment had been settled, Cybel heaved a heavy sigh, his tone tinged with regret.

“Actually, Leylin, if your mentors were present, we would be at a great advantage. Pity… But it’s all too late now! Besides, you and you alone can take care of this matter, we can only furnish you with logistical assistance!”

“It would be good enough to have all of this!” Leylin quickly declared.

It was fundamentally impossible for one organisation to interfere and provide military support to another. It was...

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