Chapter 52


Leylin's footsteps did not stop until he walked out of Ellinel Market.

The exit was at the side of the village and was actually beneath a stack of hay. It was also guarded by a black-robed man with theRedbud insignia.

"A.I. Chip! Initiate area scan!" After walking out of the village, Leylin ordered after walking out of the village.

A faint light blue screen was projected in front of Leylin's eyes, clearly identifying a sneaky figure tailing him from behind. In the whole light blue projection, the red dot was extremely obvious.

[Target's identified. strength estimated at level 2 acolyte. No magic artifact detected!] The A.I. Chip's voice intoned.

"Only a level 2 acolyte huh? Seems like it's not any huge faction, but only an avaricious dog after some wealth!"

Leylin's eyes flashed coldly, "If I didn't have other plans ......"

The level 2 acolyte tailing Leylin seemed to be extremely patient. Only after Leylin was a dozen miles away from the vicinity of the market did he make his sneak attack!

* Whoosh! * Suddenly two balls of mud rose beneath Leylin's feet, turning into two yellow-brown coloured hands that tightly held down Leylin's ankles.

A dagger suffused with purple light immediately stabbed towards Leylin's back.

"Success!" yelled the sneak attacking acolyte whose face was flushed with joy. He belatedly realised that Leylin had mysteriously dissolved, turning into a vine with thorns that coiled around his body.

The thorns mercilessly dug into flesh. The acolyte could even feel the vine come alive and was greedily feeding on his blood.

"Damn! It's a golem! What is this spell! Shadow Embodiment? Leeching Vines?" As the acolyte lost huge amounts of blood, he increasingly became muddleheaded.

"Ah! You can't do this! Please......Please spare me......"

The acolyte pleaded. Alas, the immediately the vines squirmed and sealed his mouth.

* Bang! * The spell's effect disappeared, and on the ground was left the shrivelled corpse of the acolyte.

Against his enemies, Leylin was never merciful.


The second day, Leylin once again visited the market.

"Sir! Do you need a guide? I only require 1 magic crystal!" The noisy little kids were still clamouring at the entrance.

Today Leylin had changed his clothes. And to conceal himself even further, he changed his appearance too.

Although his previous face was a fake, there was no guaranteed special spell effect that could penetrate and see through the cloak.

As for energy waves and the sort, Leylin was not too worried about it. Yesterday he deliberately avoided official Magi, so his energy waves would never be recorded.

To capture the energy waves generated by the spiritual force, an official Magus has to make enough preparations beforehand. There wouldn't be any Magi who had nothing better to do.

"You'll do!" Leylin randomly picked a little girl.

"Thank you! Sir, I am extremely familiar with this place!" The little girl was a little overjoyed. She wore a white coloured dress and looked to be somewhat thin.

After tossing a magic crystal to the girl, Leylin said slowly, "I wish to enter a higher leveled area!"

His voice was modified to sound different from the day before.

"A higher leveled area? You mean......The second level?" The little girl asked a little hesitantly.

"Of course!" This was the point to the experience Leylin patiently amassed after coming to the market many times. These markets weren't very huge, and Leylin always felt that something was missing. Certain precious resources were absent in these markets too. These little children guides most likely stood here waiting for powerful customers to bring them to the more concealed areas.

"Since you know about the second level, then you should also understand that if you don't have an item worth over 1000 magic crystals or a guarantor, you will be denied entry."

"Naturally I do! Lead the way!" The little girl raised her head, yet she was unable to discern the expression behind Leylin's cloak. She could only lower her head and lead the way.

"Although there should be many official Magi on the second level, there is no choice. The two ancient formulas, Azure Potion, and Tears of Mary, plus many of their ingredients have not been collected yet. If I can't even find it here, biggest Magus market, then there is completely no chance anymore. I can only look for substitute ingredients!"

Leylin's expression was rather dark. As he journeyed, he sold potions along the way and did his utmost to collect all of the ingredients of the two ancient potions. However, he was met with little success so far. Ellinel Market was the second largest gathering of Magi after Abyssal Bone Forest Academy. If he couldn't find what he needed here, then Leylin was completely helpless.

Leylin followed the little girl. They arrived at a rather deserted alley.

She used a stone found on a wall corner of the wall to knock.

* Bang! * The alley's walls shifted, revealing an underground passage.

"Here it is!" The little girl said softly, as if very afraid.

"Lead the way!" Leylin followed the little girl and they continued walking downwards. Several minutes later, they reached a door at the end of the passage.

Two level 3 acolytes wearing blood red robes were standing guard. According to the A.I. Chip's scan, they carried magic artifacts on their bodies. This slightly startled Leylin. At the same time, he was filled with curiosity towards the market behind it.

The little girl went forward and exchanged a few words with the two acolytes before walking back to Leylin. She curtseyed, "Most respected Sir, I can only lead you this far!"

When she finished speaking, she hurriedly ran back up the flight of stairs disappearing into the darkness.

"It seems like there is something in this premium market that terrifies her!" Leylin thought indifferently as he walked towards the two acolytes.

"An item of proof, or an item worth at least 1000 magic crystals!" A red robed acolyte said icily. Standing before them, Leylin could somehow sense the wails of aggrieved souls hovering around them.

"What terrifying people!" Leylin thought inwardly. He tossed over a small sack containing 10 high-grade magic crystals.

The red robed acolyte opened and looked before tossing the sack back to Leylin. He then opened the door behind him.

Leylin walked in unhurriedly. Only after the large door closed behind him, was he inclined to observe the area in front of him.

This field was most likely beneath the market earlier. Its surface area was smaller, only having a street traversing it.

From time to time Magi walked past. Since it was not very crowded, the distance between passersby was rather far. There were almost no level 1 acolytes here. Level 2 acolytes too were very few. Most of the people here were level 3 acolytes. Their bodies all radiated strong energy waves. Official Magi too were rather common.


Leylin inhaled deeply and walked down the street......

Half an hour later, Leylin walked out of a stone hut with a Potion sign, his face had obvious signs of joy.

They had the main ingredients Kroft mentioned, as well as the rest of the ingredients, "It is indeed the largest market!"

The main ingredients of the two ancient potions, Azure Potion, and Tears of Mary, were the most important. As for other ingredients, they were easier to acquire. Being able to buy them all at once exceeded Leylin's expectations.

Leylin spent more than half of the 1000 magic crystals he prepared to purchase these ingredients. He was still satisfied, though, and felt that the expense was worth it.

Putting away the ingredients, he anticipated that he had to find a safe place and begin brewing the potions. His mood was rather good. He even felt inclined to stroll around a bit.

The goods here were obviously of a higher grade than the market above. Leylin even saw a low-grade magic artifact dagger for sale.

However, the price was at least 400 magic crystals, which immediately made Leylin stop feeling lucky.

Suddenly, Leylin heard noisy clamouring voices travelled over leaving Leylin a little startled. He tracked these voices and made a new discovery.

"Slave market?"

What Leylin saw in front of him was a large fenced area. Many stark naked slaves were standing behind fences. Their faces showed either numb indifference or extreme humiliation as they let the acolytes and Magi take their pick.

"Just right! I'll need a few slaves myself!"

Leylin wanted to stay in Extreme Night Town for around 3 years. He could not manage many things by himself. Originally, he planned to recruit a few guards and servants when he got there, but a few high-grade slaves were now conveniently available.

After all, they were all raised or controlled by Magi. This lent their owner better security and assured functionality.

"Sir! What do you think? Do you need a female slave for your bed?" Look, these are all good quality ones, some are even of the nobility.

A slave trader looked as Leylin walked forward. The slaver hurriedly patted the ample breasts of a group of female slaves behind him, which carried a rippling wave effect.

Behind him were a dozen utterly naked noblewomen. Their skin was extremely smooth, and their figures were quite vivacious. Even if they were slaves, their aura of nobility could not be stifled.

"How did they end up here? I mean, as nobles, wouldn't it be troublesome?" Leylin was a little curious.

"Please don't worry, these are all nobles who fought and lost in battles. Their fiefdoms have long since been usurped and their families destroyed. They are legally under the death sentence. There will absolutely be no trouble at all.

The trader smugly explained.

Leylin looked behind a noblewoman who was being dragged away. There was obviously a noble young lady standing there. He could not help but think of the young noble lady he met previously in the woods. If her revenge failed, who knows if she'll be sold at this place too.

"How are they? Buy a couple, and it's up to you how you play them! After you're sick of them, you can use them for your experiments. Even if they die, it's not a problem!" The trader did his utmost to entice him.

Leylin shook his head, "I wish to purchase a few guards, preferably of a Knight's level. Also, I will need a few assistants for my experiments!"

"If it's like this!" The trader stroked his chin, "What you're looking for are premium slaves, and their price will be extraordinary! Of course, those who are able to enter here are customers with strength. Please follow me!"

Leylin walked behind the trader and saw many slaves. Some of them were well-built youths while some were still children. They were all staring outside from behind the fence looking fearful. From time to time a few Magi pointed at them or even walked forward to inspect them.

Leylin even saw a group of Magi surrounding a few beastmen and marine species slaves, bidding over them.

The trader pulled Leylin to a large tent, and called a fatty over, "This is my friend, Dylan. Right, he has some premium goods."

Leylin did not know what Dylan whispered to the trader, but after a while, the trader laughed heartily as he walked away. Only then Dylan smile towards Leylin and said, "Most respected guest, I have already understood your requirements! We just received a new batch of premium slaves, please follow me!"

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