Chapter 519

Picking up Scraps

“Lily’s Cosy Cottage?” Leylin looked at a shop’s signboard made of oak leaves and written in both the continent’s characters and elven language.

Compared to all the other shops, this shop was evidently more attentive to details. Even the corners had greenery with plants and flowers sprouting, emitting pleasant flora scents.


As he stepped foot into the shop, a boyish-looking elf greeted Leylin genuinely with respect and a smile, ”Respectful customer, how can I be of service to you today?”

“Oh, I am just looking through, I see you sell many miscellaneous things here?”

Leylin’s eye swept over to the sales counter. There was a huge clutter of spell materials like ore, furs from living creatures, scrolls and other handcrafted articles. There was great variety, but almost all of them were without tags and placed haphazardly. And despite that, it looked like an organised mess.

“Yes, from the islands of the south coast to Sky City, everything in existence can be found here!” The elven shop owner...

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