Chapter 518

Creevey City

Violent winds howled as a huge airship broke through the airflow and cruised through at supersonic speed.

In a comfortable cabin, Leylin gazed at the copious amounts of books that he had, satisfied.

On this trip to the town, not only had he managed to record the Spirit Wave data, he had also ended Beelzebub’s conspiracy, and got rid of that hazard. He even got hold of a gluttony imprint! It could be said that he had reaped huge rewards.

He even obtained the research notes and experimental data from the acolyte, Blu. Those used to belong to Blu’s Morning Star ancestor.

In return, a few spiritual force potions were sufficient to make the other party shed tears of gratitude.

The research and insights of that Morning Star Magus inspired Leylin greatly.

As he hurried off, Leylin did not forget to command the A.I. Chip to record all of this information and enrich his database.

After settling the matters regarding the Spirit Wave and Beelzebub, Leylin boarded the private airship gifted by the Fallor Family— the Colossal Serpent. It was about time for the appointment he had arranged previously, thus he decided to abandon his more leisurely mode of trans...

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