Chapter 517

Killing The Clone’s Projection

“Why is the temperature rising at this rate?” The old man swiftly took out the black notebook from his chest. Not only was the notebook heating up, traces of black currents swirled around it.

*Buzz!* With a sudden spike in the book’s temperature, the old man scrunched his face up in pain as he subconsciously tossed it from his hand.

A big patch of the old man’s hand was scalded from the momentary contact. White blisters started forming on its surface.

Even with a Magus’ physique and the protection of his innate spell, he was still injured this way!

*Woo woo…*

“The almighty Beelzebub, you are the king of hell, the darling of the original sins, with the control over gluttony. The desires for all cuisine lies in your hand....”

The phantom became more intense as the chants and songs of praises filled the entire tomb area.

Leylin had seen such situations in the past, hence he immediately became vigilant. As for the old man and his grandson, they huddled together in a corner with looks of regret on...

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