Chapter 513

Morning Star Magus Tower

Threads of golden radiance emanated from the carcases of the blood-sucking loaches and were then swallowed by other loaches which had not managed to get the blood the first time. This process was repeated as the loaches died.

Leylin watched on expressionlessly. After three rounds, where the blood-sucking loaches could hold on for longer and not die immediately, the golden bloodline seemed to have become more reserved and guileless.

“Looks like I can continue…” A look of excitement appeared on his face.

As long as this was successful, there was hope to stimulate the revival of the Sun’s child’s bloodline.

“Maintain this process and ensure there are no less than twenty blood-sucking loaches in the cultivation pool,” Leylin ordered the spirit genie.

Leylin knew this would take a long time. After observing for a while longer, he left the laboratory for his castle.

He now had many tasks to direct, and while troublesome it was the best way to exert his authority.

Though the students and families under the Morning Star Warlocks’...

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