Chapter 512

Revitalisation of Bloodline

“Of course, we hope you can form an alliance with us. We wish to take on Jupiter’s Lightning together…”

Philip interrupted, “With your current status as Duke, you can definitely represent the Ouroboros Clan!”

“This… I need to think it over… After all, there are many seniors who I need to pacify…” When it came to proper business, Leylin seemed to draw back.

Paul silently cursed at Philip for being too hasty, and also Leylin, for not being willing to be more open until he saw benefits. He merely continued smiling, which was difficult enough with his octopus face.

“Duke Leylin, you don’t know this yet, do you? We Morning Star Warlocks organise a gathering every once in a while, where everyone will exchange information. Sometimes, we even have trade meetings…”

“This gathering is only for bloodline Warlocks, who must be at least at the Morning Star level. Someone even needs to vouch for them. A few elders from Spirit Circle and Wind Wolf Lair will attend as well. How about we continue...

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