Chapter 511


After some haggling, Leylin and Zack finally reached an agreement.

The Oakheart Clan would bear the burden of building a Morning Star level Magus Tower, as well as provide him with all the resources for an astral gate. In return, Leylin guaranteed that he would never divulge information regarding the stardust bugs in any shape or form.

The two of them had even made an oath under the Trial’s Eye, which was at the request of the Azure Mountain King. However, he did not notice the look of mockery in Leylin’s eyes.

After that, Leylin got Zack to narrate the details of the allied army’s attack on the Ouroboros Clan from start to end.

After receiving this information, his eyebrows furrowed.

“Jupiter’s Lightning…” After sending Zack away, Leylin half laid down on the couch, massaging his forehead and sinking into deep thought.

“I never expected it to be them. Why would a haughty Radiant Moon Magus have any interest in the Ouroboros Clan?”

Before Gilbert and the others reappeared,...

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