Chapter 508

Taking Action

With a sweep of his soul force, everything regarding Freya was revealed in front of Leylin.

“Your injuries are pretty much healed up, though your sea of consciousness still needs nourishment. I recommend the Giant Serpent’s Spirit Potion! There are already very few Crystal Phase Warlocks like you in the Ouroboros Clan…” Leylin sighed.

After the great battle, the ten or so Crystal Phase Warlocks had dwindled in number to a pitiful seven or eight. Even Leylin’s senior, Lucian, had been unlucky enough to lose his life at the hands of the plant legion.

In a situation like this where there were few trump cards remaining, Leylin knew that even though he was in charge every single Crystal Phase Magus was a precious resource.

“Many thanks, my Lord!” Freya bowed, seemingly very solemn.

“Oh, right. One more thing. I hope the Blood Serpent Family can help me arrange for my Morning Star Ceremony.” Morning Star Magi had very high statuses in the central continent, especially since it was so difficult to advance. Every instance of it was a joyous matter worthy of celebration...

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