Chapter 507


*Boom!* Upon pulling out the dagger, a beautiful red-haired female Magus grabbed the emerald necklace from the male Magus expressionlessly.

“Command: gklm…” After a series of spells, the aura of the gemstone necklace burst forth, as if a miniature war giant had emerged from its core.

“Get as far from here as possible, beginning self-destruct procedure!” After she coldly issued the command, the necklace in the female Magus’ hands immediately turned to ashes. Shortly after, her entire body was engulfed in a dark green flame, disappearing into thin air…

The headquarters’ allied army had been thrown into confusion. It instantly became a mess, and some of the soldiers had already chosen to retreat.

“Very good! Very good! The ‘Shadow Snake Department’ of your Ouroboros Clan has even infiltrated our main command post!”

The conscient in the middle gritted his teeth.

“How would I know?” In his heart, Leylin rolled his eyes. Previously, his position in the Ouroboros Clan was not one where he would be exposed to such things, but it did not stop him from improvising.

“War is always unscrupulous....

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