Chapter 504

Edges Of The World

A Warlock’s path was one of a bloodline.

However, before a Warlock reached rank 3, the influence of the bloodline extended only to his body, and was not sufficient to affect his soul. Even if the two were linked, they were completely different.

But after advancing to the Morning Star realm, a Warlock’s true spirit would have harmonised with the power of his bloodline, the two no longer separate.

‘The reason this promotion went so smoothly… Is it that, besides my sufficient preparations, there was a great deal of help from the Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline?’ Leylin contemplated while touching his chin.

‘The Giant Kemoyin Serpent of ancient times was originally a creature that could reach rank 4 at adulthood. My bloodline is incomparably pure as well. After the complete fusion with the spirit and its maturation under the radiation of the Lamia fingerbone, my body can totally be viewed as a pureblood Giant Kemoyin Serpent. All these factors were key in my promotion to the Morning Star realm.’

Now, Leylin could obviously feel that his spirit...

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