Chapter 503

Morning Star! Morning Star!

[Beep! Injected spiritual force reaching critical levels!]

With his sea of consciousness swelling up, and the reminder from the A.I Chip, Leylin realised that not only had his spiritual force reached the value of 399, even his sea of consciousness were filled with black—with a tinge of red in the centre—spiritual force crystals.

Inside his sea of consciousness, the three layers of the spiritual force core nucleus started to emit dazzling lights.

‘The results of the first time the bloodline ignition experiment is performed is the best, and they decrease over multiple uses.’ As he could still feel the strong surge of bloodline energy, Leylin ordered, “A.I. Chip, initiate the promotion to Morning Star!”

[Assignment received! Vital signs under observation, initiating Morning Star deduction, starting from the prototype of the point mass…]

Numerous amounts of data, both numeric and otherwise, relating to the construction of the point mass began streaming in front of Leylin’s eyes. If not for the Azure Mountain King’s clone, Leylin could never have gotten a...

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