Chapter 502

Bloodline Ignition

*Boom!* Dark black flames exploded forth from the Demon’s Arm along with sharp knife-like blades. It was obvious that the Demon Magus chief had definitely used everything he had up his sleeves for this attack.

Unfortunately, be it the flames or the blades, they couldn’t even leave a scratch on Leylin’s pure white palms. The flame was even extinguished moments after it burst forth.

“Morning… Morning…” This chief’s teeth began chattering. He had a feeling that things were progressing in a bad way. Who knew, the entire alliance army’s plan could have been hindered.

“Master! Save me!” At the edge of life and death, he immediately cried for his master’s help.

“Looking for him? Too late!” Leylin shook his head, and a black blade of light swept across him.

This frightening magus, who was in the Crystal Phase and had an unfathomable strength with the addition of his Demon’s Arm, was sliced into two just like that.

Be it innate defence or magic equipment, they were all like air in front of the black light blade, posing no resistance at all.

Even at the moment of death, the other...

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