Chapter 500

Duo Serpent Annihilator

“Have you decided, my Lord?” The black shadow couldn’t help but feel delighted in front of Faisal.

The satisfaction in being able to threaten the leader of the Ouroboros Clan, one of the largest clans on the continent, was something that could not be described with mere words. It was only furthered by the conflicted expression on the other party.

The rewards if he succeeded at this were so great he wouldn’t even dare to think of them before.

“Reporting in, my Lord!”

At this timing, a high-ranking Magus pushed opened the door. Ignoring the shadow’s existence, he began his report, “The operation was a success! We’ve captured seven traitors and killed twelve. The energy of the combined spell formation has been conserved, and we’ve only lost a mere 2.75%...”

“What is this supposed to mean?” the envoy questioned, his voice growing deeper and gloomier.

“What is this supposed to mean? It’s exactly what you think it is!” Faisal suddenly gave an empty smile as his body instantly appeared before the shadow, grabbing his neck and lifting...

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