Chapter 498


The Crystal Phase Magi who were on site held their breaths for a moment.

In the past, small organisations like the Arm of Vengeance could only be low-profile, as they would be attacked on site. When did they get the guts to begin a fight?

A well-built Warlock suddenly stood up and exclaimed, “I want to go out and kill them all!”

“Don’t be rash!” Faisal responded while holding the person back, “With the combined defensive spell formation already activated, attacking them now will only ruin our only chances to turn the odds around! Do not let your emotions cloud your judgement!”

Faisal truly was quite capable. At the very least, he was not a fool and could see through ordinary schemes.

But then again, looking at how the enemy was valiantly showing off in front of him, Faisal must have been filled with anger as well; he was only forcing himself to hold back and not act rashly.

“Once this ordeal is over, I will lead my team out again and have all these rats killed!”

“Guys, look at this!” Freya exclaimed, pouting out the window...

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