Chapter 497

Elite Group of Magi

“Yes! I’ve considered it thoroughly, I cannot sit back and watch my clan die in war!” Ivanov insisted, with an unexpectedly sanctified look on his face.

“Very well! Our targeted enemies are only those evil bloodline warlocks. You guys, who have awakened in time, are still a part of us Magi!” A voice echoed from the imprint.

“There’s no doubt about that! I’m honoured!” Ivanov said excitedly.

Immediately, he asked again with worry, “Is this communication channel safe? The headquarters of the Ouroboros Clan has very strict isolation and tapping capabilities!”

“Haha… Rest assured! This has already been encrypted personally! Our conversation will definitely not be leaked out!”

“Alright then, what do you need me to do?” Since he had already decided to betray, Ivanov was pretty much nonchalant.

“Very simple, you only need to…” The voice softened over time, while Ivanov nodded repeatedly.

The dim light slowly extinguished as darkness engulfed the entire place.


It was only a matter of time before...

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