Chapter 495


Leylin watched the performance of these Warlocks, indifferent to it all.

In fact, it was very clear to them that small organisations like the Arm of Vengeance were being used as scapegoats by the hidden forces.

Were Gilbert and the rest to appear, they would just throw out these scapegoats to suffer their wrath, without caring for their life or death.

And even if these small organisations were to find success, they wouldn’t end up with much resources. They could only give the majority of the resources to their backers. Thus, these forces could reap the benefits without getting their own hands dirty. It was a great deal indeed.

Although these Warlocks were completely aware of this, they only dared curse these small organisations that had gone insane in their desire for revenge, but did not dare touch the existence in the background. In the back of their minds, even though they lacked Morning Star forces on their side, they definitely did not have the guts to provoke those acting behind the scenes. To them, on their side, they would not have the guts to challenge the masterminds.

“Never mind that. This...

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