Chapter 494

As The Dark Clouds Draw Closer

There was another concern bugging Leylin.

As compared to the factions that had shown themselves in Azure Mountain City, what worried him the most was still the Magus that had set the trap.

To be able to give up a world coordinate and also successfully entrap three Morning Star Warlocks, he was definitely not a simple person.

Furthermore, if Leylin’s mentor, Gilbert, joined forces with the other two Morning Star Warlocks, they would have a terrifying strength on par with that of a Radiant Moon Magus!

Since the mastermind could successfully scheme against them regardless of that, it was only a matter of time before his actual strength would be revealed.

If the other party came at them openly, the current Ouroboros Clan would not have any strength to resist.

Fortunately, for reasons unknown, he had not taken any other action apart from setting the trap. No one knew what qualms he had, or whether there was something holding him back.

Leylin secretly guessed that perhaps the other party had suffered a violent counterattack when he’d plotted against his Mentor, and thus suffered...

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