Chapter 493


“All in all, Phosphorescence Swamp is going to be the safest right now, but the most dangerous place in the end……”

Leylin smiled reluctantly, ”It’s just that… do I have any other choices?”

At this time, he was sure the Azure Mountain King was hot on his heels. Once he left the Ouroboros Clan, he feared he would not get to live another day.

Unlike his rank 3 clone, the Azure Mountain King was a famed Morning Star Magus! The disparity in power was too large for any strategies to be of use.

Thus, he was left with no choice but to take a gamble. Fortunately, he had already exterminated the opposite party’s clone, earning him and the Ouroboros Clan some extra time!

Otherwise, if they allowed the Azure Mountain King to continue to stir up trouble, word may leak out to other power-thirsty parties, that the Ouroboros Clan no longer had Morning Star Magi defending it! He could imagine them swimming forward like sharks towards their prey.

For now, since the Azure Mountain King’s matter had been settled by Leylin, he’d presumed Leylin’s strength was why Gilbert and the others chose to lay...

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