Chapter 491

Obliterating Hurricane

What happened this time round was evidently a conspiracy, a huge conspiracy against the Ouroboros Clan!

First, it was the revealing of the world coordinates so as to attract three Morning Star Magi, which caused them to fall into enemy hands.

After which, the military controlled the borders heavily. First, they created trouble to sound out the situation. Upon confirmation that the three Morning Star Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlocks were all not around, they would proceed to exterminate entire family clans!

During that unstable period, Leylin, who was a rank 3 Magus in the Crystal phase, was considered a small and insignificant figure, and could potentially be exterminated at any time!

“I have to be a more prominent figure if I do not wish to be attacked. More so if I wish to even go against the tide!” After some contemplation, Leylin’s expressions revealed more determination.

“Those who are below the rank of Morning Star are considered insignificant figures, what about those who advance past the Morning Star realm?”

Leylin’s eyes shone, “Only upon advancement to a rank above Morning Star can I decide my own fate. Then, I will not be abandoned...

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