Chapter 490

Large Crisis

Naturally, this female Magus was Tanasha. As a Crystal Phase Magus from the Forgotten Land, she had a sensitive identity and served as Leylin’s hidden force.

Tanasha also participated secretly in several battles. As soon as he’d noticed the sudden change in the Parble family, Leylin had sent her to rescue his Magi in the castle.

”Parker, how are the casualties?” Even so, injuries and deaths couldn’t be prevented, although it was still better than being wiped out.

”Master, we lost two rank 3 Magi this time, one of them at the Vapour Phase…” Parker didn’t look well, and the big loss this time could be seen on his face.

After listening carefully, Leylin sighed.

The Magus world was full of danger. Death was common in fights between Magi, so those who fought in battles seldom cared about it.

But as an enforcer, he couldn’t say this out loud.

Leylin pointed...

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