Chapter 488

Confrontation with Morning Star

‘This voice... a Morning Star Magus?’ Leylin’s pupils narrowed. If someone were to be named as the Crystal Phase Magus with the greatest knowledge of the Morning Star realm in the central continent, it would be himself. Through the A.I. Chip’s simulations and deductions, as well as previously collected information, he already had a deep understanding of the Morning Star realm.

The owner of this voice could not be disguised, the words emanated power and a slight aura of rules... This was not imitable by Magi below the Morning Star rank.

“Grandfather! Save me!” Leo suddenly smiled, and slowed down ahead of Leylin.

In the presence of a Morning Star Magus, Leylin absolutely could not harm him. He completely trusted his grandfather, as well as the strength of the Morning Star realm.

“Hmm?!” However, Leylin noticed something different. ‘Although the nature of the aura has not changed, its power is only at the Crystal Phase at its peak… Could it be a puppet… or some sort of clone?’

This was, after all, within the boundaries...

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