Chapter 487

The Pursuit and The Appearance

Leylin was extremely offended by the attempt on his life.

Furthermore, Leo was the chief of the Oakheart Clan. If he was killed here, it would be a huge blow to the Azure Mountain King.

The chase with Leo previously had not been merely for his entertainment. It was for the A.I. Chip to gather vital data and create a plan.

Right now, with the data compiled, the A.I. Chip had come up with a large number of plans. It filtered through them continuously, leaving only the most feasible ones.

[Model establishment completed, simulated combat victory rate: 67.9%!] it reported.

“Enter supplementary mode!” Leylin’s voice was laced with a lethal aura.

[Target number 1 is condensing energy particles. Determined to be the rank 3 spell Aurora Beam! Dodge to the right by 3.7m immediately!] the A.I. Chip warned.

As per the simulation and the A.I. Chip’s deductions, target 1, Leo, activated a necklace of colourful gems in his hands. A powerful aurora burst forth, immediately attempting to...

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