Chapter 486


The threatening words only caused Leo’s hands to tremble a little, and the scroll remained tightly in his grip.

Relationships were based on strength, and this was something even more pronounced in the world of Magi.

Why would anyone be threatened by an ant? These could affect Leylin even up to the Morning Star realm, and at this point?

Leo sneered, his spiritual force continuously seeping into the scroll. At worst, he could just kill the opposite party and invite his Master to take part as they slew the rest of the Magi who could possibly know the secret.

The only powers that could restrain the Oakheart Clan were those at the Morning Star realm and above. The current Leylin didn’t even qualify to bargain.

Leylin understood this principle. What he sought was not a withdrawal, he just needed that moment of pause.

The moment Leo froze when Leylin’s voice was transmitted, he sprung into action.

“Kemoyin’s Scales!” “Toxic Bile!” “Intimidating Gaze!” Acting on the chant, all 3 innate spells immediately took effect.


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