Chapter 485

Unexpected Developments

Leylin's indifferent tone instantly infuriated Noah who was hiding in the dark, and a sinister voice sounded, “I hope you'll still feel that way when you are under the attack of the Gluttony’s Kiss!”

This voice seemed to come from all directions, making one unable to grasp his location.

“The weakness of such barriers lies in the one who casts them. Once he’s attacked, they will immediately collapse!” Leylin continued speaking in a superior tone, as though he was commenting on Noah’s spell.

“So what if you know its weakness? After undergoing refinement, my Cage of Gluttony now possesses a portion of the power of a Morning Star domain. A mere Crystal Phase Magus like you will definitely never see through it!” Noah’s voice sounded again, but this time, he seemed flustered and exasperated.

Anyone who saw their own enemy being unconcerned when caught in their trap, when by all rights they should’ve been struggling in their death throes, would feel enraged.

With a command, numerous dreadful mouths...

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