Chapter 484

Cage of Gluttony

“Can you control them?” With regards to unforeseeable situations, Leylin was always more cautious.

He looked at Robin. After all, Robin was the clan leader and should have had some tricks up his sleeve.

“I’m afraid not! Noah’s taken away my authority. Moreover, once the Devouring Corridor is engaged, even the clan leader himself can’t control it…”

“Then what was the point of me saving you?” Leylin rolled his eyes and pulled Robin along, sprinting at a much higher speed.

Soon Robin proved that, as a clan leader, he was still very familiar with his castle. Under his guidance, after rushing through three rooms, Leylin managed to jump down from a window pane.

The moment before he left the window ledge, numerous tongues swiftly climbed forward and filled the entire room, but had not followed through their attack to the exterior of the castle. It was as if there was a chasm at the fringes of the castle that was difficult to pass through, or even barriers outside.

Only at that point...

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