Chapter 483


“How is he outside?” Robin lifted his head and asked Leylin, hope in his eyes.

Leylin was silent for a moment but still ended up speaking, “He has advanced to the peak of the Crystal Phase, and the curse marks have taken up over 60% of his face. He doesn’t seem to be in a good state of mind.”

“The initial phase has ended. He is now undergoing ‘Flesh Immolation’, but is still quite a distance from the final ‘Gluttony’s Monarch’.”

Robin sighed, “Can you let me out or bring me before him? There are some things that I want to tell him.”

“I’m sorry, but the situation is very dangerous…” Leylin’s expression was grim, “Shouldn’t you give me an answer now?”

“What answer? Haven’t you guessed everything already?”

“Just a part of it. Why are you here?” Leylin asked.

Robin glanced at Leylin and began to speak unhurriedly. “Hehe… our ancestors once obtained some information regarding the ‘gluttony imprint’ and knew that it was within the ancient Quicksand...

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