Chapter 482

Prison Cell

Cries and howls sounded.

Indescribable noises echoed past Leylin’s ears as he stepped foot into the passageway. The secret that Robin had kept so tightly was about to be revealed to him.

‘There must’ve been something more to that expedition we did.’ Leylin thought about other matters as he took note of his surroundings.

‘Robin was evidently impatient when we last explored the Quicksand pocket dimension. And the information he held about the dimension was definitely not possible for someone who only worked internally. He’d probably known all the secrets within Quicksand Castle long ago, and went there specifically for it…’

Leylin’s guess was confirmed by the mural.

‘Robin’s family clearly inherited something important, and it might even be linked to the Quicksand Organisation.’

As his journey in the long passageway came to an end, he found himself between two rows of small prison-like cells...

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