Chapter 481

Bloodline Detector

The excitement dissipated with distance from the banquet hall, and the sounds were inaudible from the castle’s dungeons.

Dim light shone against the murky walls and reflected numerous shadows that looked like talons. The place reeked.

“We’re getting there!” Leylin knitted his brows and sized up the rooms and walls of the castle.

The dungeons of Magus castles were, more often than not, laboratories or storage rooms. He had yet to discover anything of value.

Most of the preventive and detective spell formations were unable to discover Leylin, allowing him to strut through the castle without being realised.

And the Leylin that everyone perceived in the banquet hall was obviously just a clone. Anyway, nobody would want to provoke him, and with a clone and the abilities of the A.I. Chip, a double was no problem.

On top of everything, Leylin could move freely without obstruction in the castle due to his Crystal Phase abilities. He could weaken the effects of many detective...

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