Chapter 480


Leylin didn't feel good the entire night due to the orders to capture Robin. Regardless of how things would unfold, it would still be disadvantageous to the Ouroboros Clan.

The disciple of a Morning Star Magus had shown signs of betrayal, which would be a fatal blow to the emotions of the Warlocks that had just settled down. But since it was Gilbert’s wish, Leylin could only carry it out.

However, he somehow felt that things weren't so simple.


“Leylin! Welcome!” Robin hugged Leylin and laughed heartily. He was full of smiles, and looked as though he wasn't affected by the news.

Robin still had the appearance of a very young male, if one ignored the numerous runes imprinted on his face.

Compared to the last time they met, the imprints on Robin’s forehead were even more terrifying, and practically occupied more than half of his face. It made Robin’s original facial features seem immensely sinister and horrifying.

“Senior Robin!” Leylin put on a stiff smile.

After making brief bodily contact with him earlier on, a...

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