Chapter 479

3 Helpers

No matter what, with Leylin happily going on a killing spree, the internal affairs of the Ouroboros Clan stabilised despite the general unrest.

Leylin guessed that this had more to do with how the opposing Morning Star powers had yet to make their move.

Without these insider spies, it would take more effort to create chaos within the inner circles of the Ouroboros Clan which was currently already on the alert.

With these achievements, his reputation soared not only within the Ouroboros Clan, but even in the nearby regions.

‘After the Stuart family is destroyed, we can take a small break!’

Leylin sighed and asked Parker, “How is it going at Senior Robin’s side?”

After taking on his role as an enforcer, Leylin was stunned at the realisation that this senior of his had accepted the responsibility from Gilbert before him, and was leading his family and pushing down all rebellions.

In addition, there were rumours that Leylin’s senior had a large change of personality. Not only did he like to...

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