Chapter 478


Glancing through the many pieces of magic equipment and precious materials, Leylin set his gaze on a pile of crystals.

These were all pure spiritual force crystals. On their surfaces, he could faintly feel the energy of elemental particles.

Crystal Phase Magi had the tendency to stockpile their crystallised spiritual force. In times of need, they would use them to replenish their own spiritual force, or trade them for something else due to their value.

Leylin’s move had been quick and violent, leaving no opportunity for the opposite side to use such tactics.

Compared to the spiritual force crystals gifted by Freya, these crystals were obviously unclean, and had to be processed before use. “Crystal Phase spiritual force crystals...”

Leylin stroked his chin, and a tube of golden blood appeared in his hand.

“It’s unexpected that I managed to gather these two items so quickly. I guess I’ll just go ahead and carry out Quicksand’s experiment!” Leylin sighed, and his eyes flashed with a dark solemnness.

His harvest...

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