Chapter 477


Due to the sudden incident, Leylin’s return was delayed and he returned to the Ancient Blood Serpent Castle to rest.

”Thank you so much for what you did this time!” Freya sat beside Leylin and personally poured tea for him, her face full of gratitude.

It was evident that the opponents had come for the Ancient Blood Serpent Castle, and attacking Leylin was only an afterthought. If not for Leylin’s help, the six Crystal Phase Magi would have attacked together. The castle might not have been able to defend against such an abrupt attack, and there might have been colossal damages.

”That’s nothing much. Friends should help each other!” Leylin smiled.

”Just friends?” A gleam of disappointment shone across Freya’s face.

The sudden turn of the situation made Leylin feel somewhat awkward, and he tried to divert the conversation elsewhere, “Were any of the other guests present, they wouldn’t have stood the savage behaviour of those fugitives either!”

During the battle the previous day, other than Fein who had been taken captive by Leylin, all the five Crystal Phase Magi had...

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