Chapter 476


“Surround them! Formation number 2!” Under Freya’s command, the Blood Serpent Organisation firmly trapped the three other Crystal Phase Magi in a formation.

With their own strength and the assistance of Julian’s expertise in sneak attacks, the three Crystal Phase Magi in the formation were immediately surrounded by danger.

“It’s your turn now!” Seeing that the three Magi had no hope of escaping, Leylin turned towards Hill and Fein on the opposite end, a brilliant smile spreading across his face.

To the two Magi on the other end, though, this smile was more frightening than that of a demon’s.

Upon seeing Leylin’s grin, they knew that he definitely would not let them off, and immediately rushed to take action first.

The moment Hill had that thought, numerous black thorns instantly appeared, bursting forth in the blink of an eye.

“Umbra Sting!” The many sharp thorns screeched across the sky and scattered down like a torrential rain of spikes.

“Useless!” A layer of dense scales emerged on Leylin’s body. All that the thorns could do on collision with these scales was make...

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