Chapter 475

Explosion and Encirclement

“You lot knew our plans from the very beginning?” As Mia looked at how they were heavily surrounded, her face turned grim.

The fighting strength of high-ranked Warlocks, especially that of Warlocks like Leylin and Julian, could without a doubt compare to ordinary Magi in the Crystal Phase.

The Blood Serpent Warlock Organisation was the elite force of Freya’s family, not something to be trifled with. They were actually dispatched all at once, and were even led by Freya herself, a Crystal Phase Warlock!

Due to the additional power from their bloodlines, Warlocks were usually stronger than ordinary Magi. Once they advanced to the Crystal Phase, they would immediately be able to compare to peak Crystal Phase Magi.

Given all this, it was no wonder that Mia’s face looked glum.

“All of you have been wreaking havoc near the territory of the Ouroboros Clan! How can we let all of you go so easily?” Freya wore a tight-fitting hunting suit, and looked extremely heroic. Of course, that was only if one ignored the childish face.

“River Agu’s...

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