Chapter 474

Obstruction and Ambush

”Thank you very much!” Leylin smiled widely as he expressed his gratitude.

Freya pulled on Leylin’s arm as they moved to sit on a long sofa. Leylin’s eyebrows furrowed, but not taking such intimate actions to heart.

”What exactly did you ask me to come here for?” Leylin thought Freya was not one to look for him because of a small matter— Miranda would be more likely to do that.

Once a serious topic was mentioned, all other expressions left Freya’s face as she turned solemn,“Do you know about the events related to the Purgatory World?”

”As far as I know, the elders seem to have acquired some clues, and now they should be searching for the specific coordinates!” Leylin said with an equally strict expression.

“Actually, the search has almost been completed. According to my master’s plan, I’m afraid we’ll all have to go to the headquarters to participate in the experiments!” Freya added, smiling bitterly.

”This is a responsibility we cannot shirk!” Leylin seemed solemn.

”It’s just that… I have a really bad feeling about this…” worry surfaced...

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