Chapter 473

Banquet and Invitation

In the Ancient blood Serpent Castle were many phenomena that even their current leader, Freya, could not explain clearly.

As a result, when he first saw the crimson structure, Leylin quickly grew fond of the place.

‘This sort of ancient castle is what is truly fit to be the residence of a Magus. My Onyx Castle lacks these details,’ he thought as he sighed.

Freya’s family was rumoured to even have seen Morning Star Magi amongst their ranks in history, and it was naturally something that Leylin could not compare to.

Yet, Leylin was confident in himself. As long as he advanced to the Morning Star realm, he would not need a long time before the Onyx Castle would be comparable to this Ancient Blood Serpent Castle and be a true ancient Magus castle.

A large number of carriages were parked at the plaza of the castle, and in the area were many magical creatures.

A large number of guests entered from the main gate, and the entire area seemed very lively. Greetings were thrown around audibly on occasion.

For someone to come here alone was very rare, and Leylin immediately...

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