Chapter 472

Ancient Blood Serpent Castle

[The force fields have been neutralised. Host body’s contamination is being dissipated.]

With the mist surrounding Leylin’s body becoming weaker, the female head in front of him became less distinct and finally disappeared into the air.

When the last bit of mist was gone, Leylin immediately ordered for the radiation to be stopped.

Following that, he saw his skin looking as if it had been severely burnt and smiled wryly.

These injuries would definitely have killed any normal person. However, for Magi, as long as the astral pollution could be gotten rid of, everything else was not an issue.

Leylin wriggled his body, and the wounds on his body began to crack. Skin began to crease in a process similar to that of snakes moulting. Then, as if taking off his clothes, he shed off the dead skin and revealed fair, unblemished skin once more.

In just a few minutes, Leylin, who had seemed like a malicious spirit, had regained his normal appearance.

After changing his clothes, Leylin huffed a long sigh. “It really was quite dangerous...

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