Chapter 471


“Was that an illusion?” Leylin muttered under his breath and turned his attention to the A.I. Chip’s records.

[Unknown forcefield interference detected! Host has entered a state of confusion.]

[Interplanar spell formation engaging countermeasures, charging!!”]

[Magus Tower prepared to eradicate interference, beginning.]

[Host has successfully been restored to normalcy. Alert ended.] The red records made Leylin feel gloomy.

In the middle of all this, the spiritual force seed that he had sent into the astral plane had vanished without a trace into a spatial rift.

“Tower genie!” Leylin called out.

“My Lord!” The green genie immediately flew towards Leylin.

“How much of our energy reserves are left?”

“Energy currently at 1.9% of maximum. Energy boost has been initiated,” it replied instantly.

“What led to such a huge consumption?”

“Records are in chaos!” the tower genie expressed a rare puzzlement.

“Indeed! What happened a moment ago was real. It wasn’t...

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