Chapter 470


When spiritual force coagulated, it formed a spiritual force seed. However, when this seed entered another world, it would be unable to supplement itself.

Regardless of whether it was the previous experiment or the method of transmitting and receiving messages, they required a huge amount of spiritual force. Naturally, once this spiritual force was drained completely, it signalled the end of the seed.

In the Magus World, the huge interior of the Magus Tower.

The terrifying interplanar spell formation shook as the rays of light gradually darkened.

“Damn! Damn! Damn! Just when I managed to build a connection…” Leylin’s eyes were bloodshot as he went berserk.

“That’s a world! An entire independent world! Exactly how many times will I have to experiment before I can find another world that is not controlled by any outsider…” He stroked his forehead as he groaned.

[Interplanar spell formation shut down. Spell formation damage 0.19%, Astral stone energy depletion 37.98%!] At the same time, the A.I Chip transmitted the information...

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