Chapter 469

Multi-Armed Race

This was the result of the natural radiation of a creature which had achieved the Morning Star realm.

The space in the hillside was even larger, and many creatures’ remains were casually abandoned at one side. The remaining energy waves on them made Leylin feel suffocated.

In the middle the platform, the livers of all kinds of animals were casually laid out at one side. An entirely black boiler foamed with white bubbles, making Leylin feel as if he was seeing a shaman of his old world.

Be it the insignia on one side or the totem, they were all decorated with bloody brown symbols.

This was Leylin’s evaluation: the entire hillside seemed just like an unsophisticated laboratory, but it already possessed a certain ability for research.

In a flash, the large Multi-Armed Race being threw Leylin’s seed onto an altar in the middle as the surrounding blood-red emblems immediately emitted a faint radiance.

Leylin suddenly felt as if he was isolated from his surroundings, and even if he wanted to explode, he could do nothing at all.

“Spell formation of a different tribe? Pretty interesting!”...

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